Fired. Not Hired.

Sometimes I think I may be the most qualified person to own an employment agency on the planet. If a good education and knowledge comes from the school of hard knocks, I should know a thing or two about work and working.

To wit:

I’ve been fired multiple times (including from my own company).

I’ve drawn unemployment in two states.

I sued a company once (worker’s comp).

I’ve screwed up so many job interviews I can’t even count.

I’ve quit jobs before I even started them. And quit without notice.

I’ve slept during work.

I’ve taken drastic cuts in pay (over 75%) to pursue opportunities that I was more passionate about. I’ve also taken pay cuts because there wasn’t enough money to pay me.

I had a boss once scream at me and throw stuff around his office in a temper tantrum.

I’ve literally pounded the pavement looking for work. For months. Didn’t get a job.

I’ve quit jobs without new jobs lined up.

I’ve had to lay people off.

I’ve packed up and moved to a new state with no job. Twice.

I’ve been told to “look for a new job,” so as to not be fired.

I’ve been a human resources director.

I’ve had non-competes enforced against me. And I’ve had to enforce them.

I’ve broken equipment.

I’ve been paid under the table.

My first 10 years out of college I had 13 jobs.

So what’s this all mean? Besides that I needed to do a lot of growing up over the years?

One of the core tenets of my employment agency, Mathys+Potestio, is empathy for the person looking for work. And empathy for the employers. Twenty years of executive management in business will provide that, too.

So, if you feel a different vibe from my team but can’t quite put your finger on it, it’s this:

We get it.

9 responses to “Fired. Not Hired.”

  1. Todd says:

    Oh gawd, this speaks volumes! Entertaining to me, cause “I too” have done most (if not all) on this list.
    Nice post. YOU, like most of us—are human!

  2. Ryan says:

    Steve, what a great post! If your still downtown, lets grab lunch.

  3. RRR says:

    100% fucking spot on……….

  4. Dave Waite says:

    Great post, Steve!

  5. michael a kiriazis says:

    Been there. Done that. Got the Tee-Shirt.
    Had so ad/marketing many gigs it’s hard to count — that “stability” is extra fun with two young kids to raise.
    Try reinventing yourself at 56 with an ENTIRELY NEW CAREER! (LUV IT)

    Still — beats being a CPA (with all due respect to CPAs)

  6. Kari Brennan says:

    Fantastic post, Steve!

  7. Ania says:

    Dang…this is good!

  8. Very nice, Steve! I remember you way back at CA… was there a deal you floated to me to sub-let a creative space from the CA offices on Fifth (or Sixth?) Avenue for a song? Nice pic, too.

  9. Darren Higgins says:

    Great post!

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