Respect the Craft

There are people who take photos on their phone, and there are photographers. There are people who write everyday, and there are writers. There are people who have referred folks to jobs, hired people, played matchmaker, and there are recruiters.

There are certainly many people who can and have bridged the gap from being a novice at something to a respected professional. But until you’ve been the latter, don’t assume you know what it entails.

I’ve been a writer. Actually got paid for it. But I would never assume to be a writer now.

When the economy is good I see a lot of people jump on the recruiting and career guidance bandwagon. You might think, “Companies are hiring, I could help with that!” Great, but if you do….you’re a novice, don’t represent yourself as a professional. You have to earn that distinction.

Mathy's & Potestio Creative Staffing Agency

We just cut our second album at Mathys+Potestio. Available on Capricorn Records.

I love looking at this photo. Not because we look bad ass, because we do. And not because we’re wearing cool cowboy boots, because we are. I love looking at this photo because the people in it are awesome. They are not only good at what they do and bring it everyday, they’re just good people. Good people to have on your side, good people to share a drink with, good people to see in the office everyday. And if we’re ever in a street fight? Ya, we got that too.



From Creative to Client and Back Again

What would happen if you decided to stop working in advertising or design and attempted to start a business of your own? How would it feel to sit on the other side of the table and ask for help selling your product? Would you know how to talk about what you need when everything is on the line and the wrong decisions could mean the loss of your life savings?