Want to Attract the A-Talent? Treat the D-Talent better.


Want to hire the A-talent? I’ll tell you how: treat the D-talent better.

The typical strategies to hire the best talent? Offer more money, amazing benefits, provide office perks like free food and foosball, and hope for the best. D-talent may be great talent for somebody, but not for your company. They are someone else’s A-talent. So, you ignore them. Wrong. Treat everyone the same during the recruitment process.

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One response to “Want to Attract the A-Talent? Treat the D-Talent better.”

  1. M!ke Russell says:

    “Acknowledge and respond to EVERYONE that submits resumes.”

    A task destined for automation. But even so, wouldn’t an auto-reply note -written with heart- be one of those special touches that stays with the applicants?

    Smells like opportunity.

    Great message, Steve.

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