Creative Industry Rides

Volume 1, catalog series #2

Sean Cunningham’s 1966 Chevrolet Impala Coupe

Sean Cunningham is Co-Founder of a digital agency and Executive Creative Director of Sleek Machine in Atlanta. His Impala has won a few awards, most recently at the Lowrider Magazine Supershow in Atlanta. Originally built in St. Louis, Sean picked up this car in Colorado. The paint is original and has the original 327 4BBI, 2speed Powerglide and comes with air conditioning.

Has had some upgradesā€¦.most notably is the air-ride (bagged) suspension that allows him to get it laid out low as well as an adjustable ride height, all controlled via an app or hard wired unit. Some engine upgrades include a March pulley system with two electric fans, a larger radiator and dual rear antennas. Future projects may include fuel injection and period matching interior.

3 responses to “Creative Industry Rides”

  1. Carol says:

    My first car was a 66 BelAir with a 327. It burned a quart of oil with every fill up, but in 1976, it could still take anything on the road if I had enough room to get it up to speed!

  2. peter shier says:

    The lines of the car in that second shot are just beautiful.

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