Creative Industry Rides

Volume 1, Catalog Series #3

Billy Leyhe’s 1977 Porsche 911 S Targa

When Billy’s not cruising the PCH in SoCal, he’s a Creative Director/Writer, most recently in-house for Credit Karma (btw, he’s now available if you’re looking).

He found the 911 on an online auction site, but missed out on the sale. He then vowed to find another like it someday. Well, someday came just three months later when he saw the exact car again up for sale at a dealer in Florida. He immediately sent an email and quickly struck a deal (the original had fallen through after the auction) and the car was his. 

Prior to Billy’s ownership, the car spent some time as an art piece inside the previous owner’s home in Miami. It was professionally craned in over the pool and into the living room where it sat on display for three years before Billy eventually ended up with it.

We think it looks better shining in the sun than stuck inside a house.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Someday I’ll have enough nerve to own an orange car.

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