Creative Industry Rides

Volume 1, Catalog Series #6

Ryan Peck’s 1980 Saab 99 GLi and 1964 Vespa Allstate

In the early 90’s Ryan stumbled into a discussion on an early internet ‘bulletin board’ where the owner of a Saab museum in Ontario, Canada answered all manner of Saab questions. Ryan sent him a note saying if he ever came across a perfect 99, he’d love to buy it. He forgot all about it and 4 years later he received an email with the heading “Found One”. Turns out the owner of the museum got an unassembled model in Sweden that he was going to put in the museum, meaning his current 99 with just under 13k miles was his if he wanted it. Ryan couldn’t wire him the money fast enough. It took him over a year to get to Ontario to pick it up; he was working on a BMW and had to reschedule my flight up there half a dozen times.

The Vespa is a 1964 Allstate model that he bought out of a barn in northern Minnesota.

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  1. Ryan says:

    More interior shots please.

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