Creative Industry Rides

Volume 1, Catalog Series #10

Pablo Buffagni’s 1986 Jaguar XJ6

For some, a car is just a way to get from one place to another. For most of us participating in this series, they are much more than that. For Pablo Buffagni, President and Creative Director of BBQ Agency, his ’86 Jaguar is a cherished companion on the journey of his life, providing keys to his past and a bridge to his future.

The Jag was the first car he owned in the U. S. Purchased in San Antonio, but long in Southern California, he’s had it for 24 years now. There are many “myths” that surround the car. The one most mentioned is that for many years Pablo pronounced “Shawar” instead of Jaguar due to his strong Argentine accent. So, he once called a mechanic to get it fixed, and the dialogue supposedly went like this:
• “what car?”
• “a Shawar”
• “a what?”
• “a Shawar”
• “Call the plumber!!!”

For years he drove it with no reverse, his excuse being not having the time to get it fixed. Instead, he would practice what he defined as “creative driving”: always park in places with a way out forward and never get in U-turn situations with not enough radius to make the turn. It worked out most of the time.

But mostly, having a car that occasionally fails brings him closer to his life before emigrating. For a long period of time, every time the radio was turned on, coincidentally a song from a UK based band would be playing. Sometimes Queen, sometimes Led Zeppelin.

It’s as if Over the Hills and Far Away is not just a song, it’s the path Pablo and his Jaguar are taking today.

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  1. Absolutely love this. Grande Pablo!

  2. Lesndro says:

    Excellent crestive and excellent car, so amazing combination

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