A Developer Tweets to Build Community and Understanding


I’m halfway through my developer bootcamp, filling my brain with JavaScript and preparing to transition my skills out of the classroom and into a job. Along the way, I’ve been collecting resources: documentation libraries for Orchestrate and jQuery, tutorials like Mozilla Developer’s Network and Treehouse, and oodles of bookmarked pages for projects and tips. There are an enormous number of resources out there, and they cover every aspect of development that I could want.

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What’s Your One Thing?


Forget trying to stand out. Try staying in someone’s memory. Being successful as a creative isn’t just a battle to help your clients get noticed in a crowded marketplace, it’s a battle to be remembered at all. What we’re ultimately clamoring for as creatives is the spark that sends you, or your client, to the top of the customer’s mind.

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Too Many Irons, and the Advertising Generalist Gets Burned

ISO 800, 50 mm, f/1,4, 1/30

We’ve all been there–you toil away for hours on a campaign, dreams dashed and Frappuccinos® downed, when you finally present the job only to have some lavender-haired art director inform you that she spent her summer at a local zine and would have no problem just “slapping in some copy” herself. Or a copywriter, earnestly pushing up his Warby Parkers, informs you that he’s “pretty proficient at InDesign” and could just whip something up real quick.

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