Too Many Irons, and the Advertising Generalist Gets Burned

ISO 800, 50 mm, f/1,4, 1/30

We’ve all been there–you toil away for hours on a campaign, dreams dashed and Frappuccinos® downed, when you finally present the job only to have some lavender-haired art director inform you that she spent her summer at a local zine and would have no problem just “slapping in some copy” herself. Or a copywriter, earnestly pushing up his Warby Parkers, informs you that he’s “pretty proficient at InDesign” and could just whip something up real quick.


Why Are We Such Jerks in Comment Sections?


Since its earliest days, the internet has been a safe haven for jerks. Anonymous, hate-spouting and troll-faced jerks. Nevermind that it’s completely revolutionized commerce, global communication and self expression—you can’t hear any of that over the jerks’ incessant shouting.